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shit its been about a week now
stressing out, an i haven't wrote a thing down
I'm far from successful, I'm kidding myself
dealing with it, tryna find who's willing to help
still in myself, own skin, own shoes
own two feet but to quit now, its so soon
didn't think it be this hard I'm staring at my review
the troubles from my past are scary but i steer through
its been over a year since aim for the head
taking shots in this game but we aint making a dent
then the a few mates here tryna help me stay focused
but i notice its hard though, without the same motives
you'll never see the butterflies i get, before my shows,
then once i finished the other guys set, is all alone
but shit, if pubs wont pay i shouldn't play
iv been slave in this game (but its advertising my name) -slow it does
it aint for the money, bonuses i get come last
plus iv now notice its slowly becoming less fun, fast
can't do it half assed, lounging an found in a mess
head pounding, walking with a cloud of regrets

i put my heart in this music then pull nothing out of it
heading for the clouds but shit its the fucken ground hit
so I'm under, but i don't mind if people can relate
never be replaced this problems got me in a state
where I struggle to pull a crowd if it wasn't for my mates
coz there's puddles on the ground in the bottom of the crates
I'm writing this with the same pencil i did with sink
recorded the blindfold and got it printed on a disc
but honestly, shit, there stuff i don't talk about
like how i walk with doubt head down from what its storing now
its like a time capsules, my mind goes numb
since i been around my world on the 501
looking at the city through a bus with scratched glass
that's my backyard, the playground where this rap start
i put my soul in the rapture and they said it wasn't clever
don't really care if the world ends, I'm ready for whatever


from UNORTHODOX, released November 1, 2013
Beat: 'Razorblade Salvation' produced by Stoupe



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CASA Sydney, Australia

Sydney's Finest

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