The Eighty Cure

from by CASA

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Took over Steve's job now I'm knocking on bill's gate/
with real mates, two machetes ready with steal blades/
sipping liquid from magic 8 balls when i cracked it/
jump schooners stacked 8 tall and did a back-flip/
riding with private Pyle, our full metal jackets on
snapping the backs of acrobatic for acting like I'm rapping wrong/
aware of ill addicts of rap i will battle or scrap/
in combat saddled to cattle the pack/
I'm nice as fuck, bitch, but only coz ur misses said it/
you as bad as rapping cunt, like my fuckin Christmas presents/
invested in independence, bitter than diabetics/
a reference to mics i check it digesting the vibe to edit/
set a high standard I'm better than average rappers/
sat in terminals as Schapelle's personal baggage packer/
the one who fast forwards a chorus when it starts/
a repertoire, split a 20 like its 10 apart/
heat the earth up right until when hell freezers over/
tell heath to wake up, yo this world needs a joke/
nearly sober need braces to make my teeth straighten/
bit the ring off a freemason an keep the police waiting/
i took a stab in the dark, walking with a butter-knife/
took another lifetime to rhyme it like the colour white/
but white aint a colour bring light to blank canvases/
advanced with a right to fight with the outlandish kids/
bandaged ribs dipped in ink an hand stamped this shit/
vandalise with rare print, my house now abandon since/
I ran with all i had ball in my backpack a pen an a pad/
sat back an it ended sad wreck tracks when theres venom spat/
an aussie illmatic so-craticlly still at it/
a classical real graphic climatically spill magic/
I'm skilled thats it, for real that sick?!
I'm back bitch with cracked ribs could still react quick/
since cream is the acronym what you faggots lack i bring/
I'm panicking, while I'm shattering these manikins/
stiffer then liquor, pouring Jim over the porcelain/
prelude of this present time past then what the future brings/
couldn't afford to drink till my endorsements settle in unison/
on a level to prove it then push the peddles to move again/
gotten better since, with rotten senses of writtens/
been fucking with these cats then gone digesting there kittens/
rhyme best when I'm sipping on lime zest in the kitchen/
with sinus so I'm sniffing on grinned pepper an twitching/
gotta warn a brother that I'm loony with the tunes/
drank the water colored paint aint what the uni kids assume/
she's overheated, went on an overseas trip/
since this chicks a bulimic and she only eats dick/
you know she's cheated, proceeded to be bitch/
fuck respecting this chick when cheating the reason they split/
flash backs an packed stack scrapes of whack raps/
back packs with snap backs sagging a dragging knapsack/
trapped in a black jag with tape around my mouth now/
found bouncing round on a roundabout shouting out/
awoke off the couch in my house found on the ground/
empty cans, 6 stacks, home brand of chips packets/
stacked it when i sat up didn't matter coz i was maggot/
without a mattress black stain jacket beaten an batted/
another season I'm scatted and rattled in battled/
razzled an dazzled fragile unraveled shackled an trapped to/
think i rap smooth, in my batman's suit/
put your hands down bitch before the fat man scooped/
got the power to bend a spoon with a kinda mind state/
to write rhymes through the night an give the blind a migraine/
the deaf feel me like braille since listeners prevail/
balancing on a scale till the weight'll feel unstable/
I'm about five eight with the power the take over/
a Sydney mind state without a shower to make sober/
I'm sour now, shit, been bitter sweet before/
split mcs in 4s my 16s leave em raw/
between the walls, assortments of cheese and chalk/
rang the pizza store an ordered a supreme in court/
with a pin stripped law suit that i found and bought two/
with more views then an a house in Vaucluse/
i need all the luck i can get, this shits got me running dry/
now's the 100th time lightning strike while I'm tryna write/
and my right earphone keeps buzzing an now it won't work/
its raining off bus running home with a soaked shirt/
i speak fluent Australian whose truant and dangerous/
blatantly insane with every piece of music created/
improved but aint changed so you can choose to embrace it/
fuck fake shit, so fuck the lucky dudes who've made it/


from UNORTHODOX, released November 1, 2013
Produced by Jae Moon



all rights reserved


CASA Sydney, Australia

Sydney's Finest

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